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Taiba Hospital

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Taiba Hospital

The onset of the second millennium has witnessed the founding of Taiba Hospital by the distinguished ENT Consultant Dr. Sanad Al Fadala. With professional experience amassing four decades, he cemented his vision in inaugurating Kuwaits first one day surgery center. Taiba was a clinic until 2006, when it acquired the license to operate as the fully functional Taiba Hospital. This achievement was the catalyst in elevating the institutions stature to that of being the first private healthcare provider in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate.

The success of any institution lies, first and foremost, with our caregivers. Their diligent work throughout the years withstood the challenges that came with working in such challenging yet rewarding field. This is why we confidently proclaim our capabilities in providing thorough, all inclusive services to our patients regardless of age or condition.


Discount Details

20% discount on the following services:

Diagnostic Services:
•Laboratory services (except Virology & Microbiology)
•Radiology services 

In-Patient Services:
•Any room upgrade for in-patients 
•Bariatric surgeries


•Full body laser
•Facial dimples 
•LPG session

Out-Patient Services:
•Consultation OB/GYN
•Cardiology: consultation, stress test, echocardiography

•Smile procedure

Physiotherapy Sessions (If diagnosis is available)

Terms and Conditions:

  • These offers are strictly for cash patients.
  • Patients looking to benefit from the above discounts must call Taiba`s Hospital hotline:1808088 and book an appointment prior to their visit. 
  • Patients must inform the call center agents that they are eligible Hayyak Card Holders.
  • Patients must have their card when visiting the hospital in order to benefit from the discount.
  • The discount applies to Hayyak card owners and their first degree relatives.             
  • The above discounts are not valid during promotional discounts and offers.

Taiba Hospital